On the 24th of July 2019, a working meeting was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan dedicated to the preliminary outcomes of the visit of the delegation of Turkmenistan to New York on July 16-20, 2019, during which the presentation of the Voluntary National Review on implementing the SDGs in Turkmenistan took place.

The heads and staff members of the MFA of Turkmenistan participated to the meeting. During the working session, the preliminary results of the presentation of the Voluntary National Review during the High-Level Political Forum held under the auspices of ECOSOC in the UN headquarters were discussed. The presentation received high appraisal of the member states.

The attendees of the session were steadily informed with the presentation process of the Voluntary National Review which has focused on the achievements of Turkmenistan in the implementation of SDGs and their application to the national programmes. The exemplary model of Turkmenistan in the integration of the SDGs to the development of the whole socio-economic foundation of the country was noted. Special attention was paid to the programmes and projects of Turkmenistan in the area of developing transport, energy and ecology.

It was also underlined that the SDGs are fully adjusted to the national policy and currently 84 percent of the SDGs tasks are reflected in the national and sectorial programmes of the country.

During the speeches, further steps of Turkmenistan on raising the awareness of the society and involving various layers of the population in practical implementation of the SDGs were noted. It is worthwhile to note that Turkmenistan expressed openness in the process of implementing the main strategy of the United Nations – Agenda 2030. Turkmenistan has adopted all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the 148 targets out of 169 according to their suitability for the country and its people.

It was also noted that during the visit, the Turkmen delegation has held a number of important meetings with the high-level representatives of the UN and its specialized agencies, as well as organized the side events related to the cooperation of the UN with the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea in accordance with the Resolution on “Cooperation between the United Nations and the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea” that was adopted by the UN General Assembly in May of current year.

It is vital to note that the final outcomes of the presentation of the Voluntary National Review of Turkmenistan will be regarded during the next meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordinative Working Group on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the country.