On May 18, the China World Peace Foundation together with Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Sharaf Sustainable Development Fund held an online conference to discuss current issues of interregional cooperation.

The forum brought together former Prime Minister of Egypt Essam Sharaf, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to the PRC, international experts, the Secretary General of the Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges, as well as scientists and literary figures, public figures, representatives of various departments of China and business community.

The online forum was dedicated to the current agenda for cooperation in the context of COVID-19 pandemic, as well as China's economic interaction with various regions of the world, in particular, the countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. One of the topics of discussion was the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative.

President of the China World Peace Foundation Li Ruohong opened the forum, underlining the importance of the consolidated approach to address public health and economic and social security under COVID-19 pandemic.

Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the People's Republic of China, Parahat Durdiyev presented the position of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in countering the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking during the video summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, the Turkmen leader emphasized that pandemic was a global challenge and therefore required a long-term strategy of a universal nature.

The meeting participants focused on the following aspects formulated by the President of Turkmenistan, including joint actions, mutual assistance of states, coordinated work of healthcare professionals, creation of a platform for economic stability and solution of humanitarian problems.

Supporting the key thesis of the meeting on the importance of trust and unity, Ambassador Durdiyev noted that at the initiative of Turkmenistan the year of 2021 was declared as the International Year of Peace and Trust.

The diplomat emphasized the constructive nature of the Turkmen-Chinese interstate dialogue, the positive dynamics across the entire spectrum of cooperation, and also introduced the large-scale transformations that covered all spheres of our country's life, the innovation development strategy initiated by the President of Turkmenistan and key vectors of the foreign policy concept based on the status of permanent neutrality, recognized by the resolutions of the UN General Assembly.

Touching upon the aspects of the implementation of the Chinese government’s initiative “One Belt, One Road”, the ambassador emphasized the coincidence of the two countries' approaches to regional integration issues. Speaking at the First Caspian Economic Forum, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that China’s initiatives “One Belt, One Road” and Turkmenistan’s initiative “Revival of the Great Silk Road” were based on historical affinity and were designed to serve the well-being of peoples.