The next day of the Week of Culture in the Dashoguz Velayat was devoted to the Turkmen people’s musical traditions. A methodical conference was held in the Centre of Culture in the “Altynýol” Geneslik, S. A. Niyazov Etrap. The conference focused on the study of national dance and folk arts, as well as improvement of work of rural centres of culture.

The meeting participants focused on the potential of the material and technical base of the cultural sphere and the prospects of its implementation in the work of rural centres of culture, organization of leisure time and popularization of creativity and self-education, amateur art, including folk theaters in rural areas.

In the evening, a concert with the participation of famous bagshi was held on the square in front of the monument to the patron of musicians - Ashik Aydin pir. The fourth day of the creative forum finished with a concert of masters of arts in Dashoguz.