On November 19, the OSCE Center in Ashgabat organized a new online meeting with foreign experts for Turkmen media professionals, and representatives of a number of ministries and agencies.

The webinar’s theme “Modern Instruments of Communication and Their Use in a Particular Digital Information Market” promised many interesting discoveries to all those interested in information exchange, information dissemination and feedback from users.

At first, journalist Vadim Makarenko (the newspaper “Gazeta Vyborcha”, Warsaw, Poland) described in his presentation entitled “Mass Media, Companies and Institutions: Digital Instruments” the stages of electronic media development, increased competition not only between media, but with emerging instruments: blogs, social networking services, video channels. Illustrative examples helped to demonstrate how traditional means of transmitting information are replaced, supplemented and combined with multimedia; how a method of transmitting information changes depending on the targeted audience and the chosen instrument. The journalist told about the role of various network services – search engines, statistical counters, etc. – in brand promotion, market research, information search, and relations between participants of the digital communication market.

In the second part of the webinar, Yuri Purgin (Director General of Altapress Publishing House, Barnaul, Russia, in the photo) made a report entitled “Participants of the Digital Information Market: Media, Companies and Press Services” that addressed in detail how the methods of transmitting information and expectations of information product users have changed over the years of digitization.

Today, mobile reporting, video bridges, online broadcasting make the reader and viewer an active participant of the media market, who influences not only its quantitative indicators but also its content. Media use their platforms to present information about the activity of companies and agencies. Many firms and government institutions create their own pages or channels in social media. Feedback serves as a powerful instrument for representing the image of modern media. This facilitates and speeds up interaction between all segments of society, private companies and government organizations.

Concluding the seminar, the participants thanked the experts for their interesting presentations that would undoubtedly help to develop and raise the quality of Turkmen electronic media.

Golden age (turkmenistan.gov.tm)